The Secret Behind Losing 2 Stone in 2 Weeks

With the popularity of reality weight loss programmes, the prevalence of celebrity endorsed diet & exercise plans & even the commercialism of certain weight loss groups. Its understandable that when it comes to weight loss, peoples expectations of what is considered a ‘normal’ rate of progress is getting more & more skewed.

Unsurprising when you’re surrounded & constantly bombarded with messages & statements promising fast & guaranteed results- probably why you clicked on this article.

Whatever progress you may have actually made with your weight loss journey is repeatedly overshadowed & devalued because somewhere, someone has exceeded it. They’ve achieved twice what you have in half the time.

Why couldn’t you have done as well as they did?

What was once considered extreme is now ‘the norm’ & what should be considered as progress is now viewed as failure. And if this new norm (extreme) is not achieved you feel like YOU are the odd one out. YOU are the one that isn’t normal. YOU are the one that must be doing something wrong.

So what do you do?

In pursuit of what you now perceive as a normal rate of progress, the steps you take with both your exercise & diet get more & more extreme. The irony here being that as your methods get more extreme, the return on all the effort you’re putting in actually begins to diminish.

You start getting less back from what you put in (one of the reasons peoples stop).

Your fear of short term failure has pushed you to do unsustainable things (crash diets, unrealistic levels of exercise) that will inevitably lead to long term failure. You’re not seeing the bigger picture.

Long term success relies on small sustainable actions that can be followed day in, day out.

They will not yield a huge overnight return & they are not glamorous enough to plaster all over the headlines.

Following them will mean you’re unlikely to ever be crowned the ‘Biggest Loser’ & you probably wont receive huge amounts of recognition or praise straight away.

But given enough time the level of effort you put in will actually lessen (conscious actions will become automatic habits) & the results you gain will show & those people who are stuck in the endless cycle of chasing a short term fix will begin to take note.

I’m not going to lie to you. Long term change takes TIME, it takes a level of CONSISTENT EFFORT & most of all it takes PATIENCE. Three things people are often just not willing to commit to.

But if you have opted for the long route, WELL DONE.

Keep plodding away & try to realise that those who appear to have found a short cut, & that are already at the destination you are heading toward wont be there for very long.

It can seem a lengthy arduous journey at times, but hopefully one that you will only have to complete once.




October 2, 2018

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